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Key to charter success: a principal rarely found in school's front office

By Folwell Dunbar, The Lens contributing opinion writer |

Over the years I have had an opportunity to conduct quality reviews of numerous charter schools here in Louisiana and throughout the country. Working with teams of national and local experts, we look at everything from leadership and assessment practices to technology integration and community engagement.

Panel to tout, encourage whistleblowers

By Tom Gogola, The Lens staff writer |

From Erin Brockovich to WikiLeaks, whistleblowers play a critical role in forcing transparency and accountability on corporate and public-sector shenanigans. New Orleans has had more than its share of shenanigans worthy of whistleblowing in recent years, from police brutality after Hurricane Katrina to unpacking the slippery utterances from British Petroleum after the disastrous 2010 Gulf oil spill.

Anxious Algiers residents seek answers to crime day after Samaritan killed in carjacking

By Kelsey Foster, The Lens contributing writer |

A day after a good Samaritan was shot and killed while trying to stop a carjacking in Algiers Point, a beefed-up police presence was evident in the usually quiet West Bank neighborhood, as police cars trolled the streets and a helicopter circled above. But the efforts of the New Orleans Police Department weren’t enough to calm the nerves of Algiers residents who met at the International School of Louisiana tonight to discuss what can be done to remedy a perceived spike in crime and absence of officers.