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Living Memories

This week, as the Living School moves toward its final graduation, the Class of 2024 mourns the closure of their unique high school — and explains why it mattered.

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Paying sheriffs to keep the kids

‘State dollars attached to each juvenile’ would allow sheriffs to build more local juvenile-detention centers, then get paid to keep kids who are placed in state custody. Is the state paying to keep kids closer to home or incentivizing people to put kids in jail?

EPA in the Crosshairs

While industry proponents still see the EPA’s administrator as their foe — deserving of Louisiana prison time, one says — environmental groups say that the agency’s lagging standards lead to increasingly polluted wastewater.

Conditions d’emploi: unionizing at Lycée Français

After Lycée Français teachers began working toward a union, demanding better working conditions, the school’s CEO warned that a union could change the school’s culture. But to the school’s French national teachers, unions are central to the very culture the school emulates.

Fess: The SongByrd of N.O.

As a vinyl .45 record that reads ‘Atlantic’ flips onto a record player, the piano in the background grows louder and more energetic, punctuated by drums and horns. Then here comes the signature whistling that every New Orleans kid recognizes — it’s from the Professor Longhair song, “Go to the Mardi Gras.” Longhair died in…

Environmental Forum: Sharing Our Stories

On Tuesday, May 7th The Lens and Hip Hop Caucus will present an Environmental Justice Media Roundtable focussing on Louisiana Climate Change.  The event, Environmental Forum: Sharing Our Stories, will feature local media outlets and community activists. Each panelist will share an environmental story that is important to their community and how they did this…

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We are not helpless in the face of climate change.

As we enter hurricane season, we need to talk about climate change. But it needs to be more than mere talk and debates. While politicians debate, markets respond to facts. Many of us see this in our skyrocketing homeowners insurance rates – if we are lucky enough to have insurance.  The insurance crisis is one…

Tiếp cận Ngôn ngữ ở Bulbancha

Các tác giả cho biết: trừ khi thành phố cung cấp dịch vụ thông dịch và biên dịch dễ tiếp cận, việc tham gia của công dân là bất khả thi đối với những người dân New Orleans không biết Tiếng Anh hoặc nói Tiếng Anh hạn chế.


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The Lens aims to engage and empower the residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We provide the information and analysis necessary to advocate for more accountable and just governance.

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