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Does COVID-19 pose a greater threat to New Orleans culture than Hurricane Katrina?

“Like the rest of the country, New Orleans is suspended in a state of anxious anticipation. This tourism-dependent city is tiptoeing into reopening, with neither a vaccine nor widespread testing. It’s a dilemma facing every municipality, but in a city whose identity, culture and economy are fueled by human interactions, the issue seems particularly fraught here.” Martin Pedersen interviews author and former Lens editor Jed Horne about the tough times ahead.

Breath, voice and the human race

“Nothing saddens or discourages me more in these distressing times than the massive chasm between our experiences as members of this one race — a chasm manifested tragically in the capacity of one member of our race to take away the breath of another member. Even worse, in the evident belief of that person that he had the right to take breath and life away from another person.”

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