At the June 4 annual budget hearing, Andrew Wilson Charter School Principal Logan Crowe and Director of Operations Darius Munchak projected a nearly 10 percent increase for the 2012-2013 budget over last year’s actual expenditures.

The school spent about $4.7 million last year and expects to spend less than $5.2 million in this upcoming school year.

Federal revenues are expected to drop from $1.4 million last year to about $930,000 this year; however, there is a chance the federal government will provide more money if funds become available.

Local revenues are expected to total $2,268,959, and state revenues $2,126,000. Both contributions are based on per-pupil allocations established at each level of government.

The rest of the budgeted amount comes from state and federal grants.

The school is also receiving $87,000 from the state of Louisiana for a pre-kindergarten program.

On the expenditures side, Andrew Wilson is projecting total expenditures at $5,115,000, which will leave the school with a fund balance of $308,000, which is just over the 5 percent planned surplus required by the state.

“It will be the first time since the inception of this school that we will have a five percent fund balance, since we’re not losing our full revenue to Edison Learning anymore,” said Munchak.

The 2012-2013  budget will be voted on during the next board meeting on July 24.