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N.O. Charter Science & Math High plans budget with slight increase

The board that governs New Orleans Charter Science and Math High held its budget hearing on June 11 and reported that it does not plan to make any significant changes to its budget for next year. The proposed budget calls for a 2.7 percent increase over this year’s spending, rising from $3.7 million this year to $3.8 million for the 2012-2013 school year.

Andrew Wilson Charter School's budget expected to increase 9.7 percent

At the June 4 annual budget hearing, Andrew Wilson Charter School Principal Logan Crowe and Director of Operations Darius Munchak projected a nearly 10 percent increase for the 2012-2013 budget over last year’s actual expenditures. The school spent about $4.7 million last year and expects to spend less than $5.2 million in this upcoming school year.

Students to take more practice tests; school joins Eastbank Collaborative

At its May meeting, the board of Andrew Wilson Charter School discussed academic and possible policy changes for next year, and finalized the school’s affiliation with the local charter school support association, the Eastbank Collaborative of Charter Schools. School officials also discussed open teaching positions and hiring standards, as well as enrollment numbers.

Board reviews Children's Bureau program to enhance emotional well-being among students

On March 20, at the monthly meeting of McDonogh City Park Academy board of directors, the Children’s Bureau presented data  they have collected over the past eight months while working with the school’s leadership to enhance the emotional well-being of students. Children’s Bureau president Paulette Carter led he presentation with Stacy Overstreet, a professor and co-director of Tulane’s School Psychology Program.