Live blog recap: OPSB discusses school enrollment standards

The Orleans Parish School Board has packed a lot into the year’s last round of committee meetings, including discussion of the common enrollment requirements for all of its chartered and traditional schools. The meetings started at 1 p.m. Thursday, and I live-blogged them here.

Brookings report: RSD tops in nation on school choice

The Recovery School District ranks first among more than 100 school districts nationally for its school choice offerings, a report from the Brookings Institution said Tuesday. The state-run district was judged by The Brown Center on Education Policy, with results posted on  Brookings’ Education Choice and Competition Index, a web application that ranks school districts for their commitment to school choice and competition.

BESE tackles OneApp and Lycee issues, delays governance choice

State education officials held their quarterly meeting Wednesday night in New Orleans. photo: Jessica Williams

As proponents of the Recovery School District’s unified enrollment process contend, parents should be able to fill out one application to enroll their kids in any of the city’s numerous charter schools.

Grant would aid students with disabilities; One App admissions process spurned

Hynes has teamed up with Lusher and Audubon charter schools to apply for a state grant that would fund academic services for students with disabilities, school officials said at September’s monthly board meeting. If the application is successful, each school would receive $50,000 from  Believe and Include, a $4 million state program to advance academic excellence as Louisiana moves public school curricula into alignment with the Common Core State Standards Initiative sponsored nationwide by the National Governors Association.

Few appeal RSD placement; most who do get a top-three choice

Of the 32,000 students that the Recovery School District placed in its schools this year through its new centralized application process, only 4 percent were unhappy enough with their assignment to submit an appeal, according to data provided by district officials. Just more than two-thirds of those who appealed ended up getting into one of their top three choices, the figures show.