Lusher has the highest performance score—170.7— in the state, among schools that run from kindergarten through grade 12, school leader Kathy Riedlinger advised the charter’s board of directors at their monthly meeting Oct. 12.

The elementary school score was based on test numbers, while the high school score also reflected academic endorsements, the dropout rate, and other factors. The high school by itself scored 190.6.

The board continued its ongoing discussion about repairs and renovation of the high school building. Though a contractor has not yet been hired, crews have begun measuring and surveying. It is hoped that roof repair starts soon to prevent further water damage, the board was advised.

Lusher is still looking for a building for students temporarily housed at the Jewish Community Center and will review options considered earlier. Meanwhile, the board discussed securing reimbursement for Title 2 and Gulf Coast Recovery grant money spent on students housed at the JCC rather than in Orleans Parish School Board  facilities.

Lusher’s engineering course received a $20,000 grant from Chevron for supplies and teacher training, the board learned.

Riedlinger said Lusher will spend $150,000 this year on computers, partly to replace several that were destroyed by Hurricane Isaac. She also announced that Lusher will not be using the OneApp application process this year. “We are keeping an open mind for future years,” Riedlinger said of the simplified form,  “but this year we decided not to do it.”

The board agreed to accept the Louisiana Compliance Questionnaire, a document through which the school commits to specified admissions practices and administration rules and agrees to abide by open-meetings laws.

Lusher hosted an open house on Oct. 25 and unveiled a full-color brochure.

Those present for the meeting, in addition to Reidlinger, included board chairman Blaine LeCesne; Paul Barron, vice president; Susan Krinsky, treasurer, and members Wiley Ates, Lynden Swayze, Brenda Browne, Sheila Myers, Andrea Armstrong, Ann Salzer and Sheila Nelson.