Louisiana charter schools are in the process of budgeting for the 2013-14 school year and The Lens’ Charter School Reporting Corps is doing its best to increase public access to these spending plans.

To that end, we’re posting all of the New Orleans charter schools’ budgets as we get them here on DocumentCloud.

According to state rules, school budgets must be made publicly available at least 15 days before their boards vote to adopt the financial plans.

State law requires boards hold at least one public hearing prior to adopting those budgets during a public meeting. And all boards must adopt their budgets before Sept. 15.

You can also follow all of The Lens’ stories about the fiscal 2014 charter school budgets here or click on “2013-14 charter schools budgets” at the top of our home page.

Rebecca Catalanello

Rebecca Catalanello edits the Charter School Reporting Corps. A New Orleans native and graduate of Benjamin Franklin High School, Catalanello spent much of her 15-year newspaper career covering K-12 education....