Akili Academy has secured funding for a partnership with New Orleans Outreach, a local non-profit that provides after-school tutoring and mentoring.

The development was hailed at the monthly meeting of school’s board of directors, Nov. 30, in the administration annex.

The program will involve an initial 10 to 15 fourth-graders who will meet after school for 60-to-90 minute sessions, Monday through Thursday.  Depending on the success of the program and new funding streams, Akili will expand the tutoring to more fourth-graders and, perhaps, third-graders as well.

The board was advised that finances are stable and the school is halfway to its funding goal. Ideas for potential fundraisers were discussed.

A positive academic review, accorded in the third year of the school’s five-year charter, makes it likely that the school will qualify for a 10-year extension, the maximum available, the board was told.

The board expressed enthusiasm for the centralized application lottery that takes effect next year across the Recovery School District. A defined enrollment number, rather than an estimate, will be a boon, board members said.

The board will not meet in December, due to scheduling conflicts and holidays. If the press of business requires it, the board may schedule a second January  meeting in addition to the one set for Jan. 16.