The board of Akili Academy held its monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m., Sept. 26, in the teachers’ annex. One member of the public, a reporter from The Lens, was present.

The meeting began with a report on student reading levels. Details were not disclosed, but the assessments were called positive.

Enrollment is at 306, eight fewer than projected. Each grade has about 60 students, the exception being first grade with 77. The enrollment is likely to grow as the year progresses.

Recruitment will be stepped up and the school may benefit from introduction next year of a common application form to be used by many charter schools, with places assigned by lottery. The common application spares parents from having to apply to several schools. There will be a second-chance lottery for latecomers.

In other developments, the school is constructing a new, more user-friendly website, meant to provide a fuller picture of what Akili Academy has to offer. It will include a mechanism for making donations to the school and is expected to go live in the first week of October.

The finance committee reported that it is nearly halfway to its goal of raising $250,000 in donations. It is also hoping to line up long-term funding, in part to allow more hiring.

Recent open house and teacher appreciation nights drew a positive response, the committee reported.

The board’s next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 24, a Monday.