The Sophie B. Wright School Board met Sept. 21, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the school’s first-floor conference room. A reporter from The Lens was the only member of the public in attendance.

The first matter of business was an expression of unanimous support for the school’s decision to fire a teacher who stalled for two weeks before submitting to a drug test, as required by his contract.

The teacher’s claim that he delayed the test due to heavy demands of his coaching and teaching schedule was thrown into question by the discovery of stacks of ungraded work in his classroom.

Results of the test, once administered, were negative, but school policy involves zero tolerance of interference with procedures for monitoring possible drug use by teachers.

The board discussed an assessment of about $55 per student imposed on all Recovery School District charters to cover property insurance.

Questions were raised about the standardized, statewide iLEAP exam, in light of revelations about its susceptibility to cheating.

Sophie B. Wright has recently welcomed two new guidance counselors, the board learned.

The meeting ended with reports on the status of student curricula and finances, both of which were deemed stable.