Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall covers environmental issues for The Lens, with a special focus on coastal restoration and wetlands. While at The Times-Picayune, his work chronicling the people, stories and issues of Louisiana’s wetlands was recognized with two Pulitzer Prizes and other awards. In 2012 Marshall was a member of the inaugural class inducted into the Loyola University School of Communications Den of Distinction. He can be reached at (504) 232-5013.

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Katrina helped usher in an acceptance and use of green infrastructure

The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority took this empty lot on Forshey Street and made it into a rain garden.

Before the storm, ideas like “conservation” and “holistic planning” were about as Nu Awlins as grilled tofu and kale burgers. But having your home marinate in 5 feet of water can influence your thinking. Now, discussing and acting on water management ideas is as accepted as parking your car on the neutral ground during heavy thunderstorms.

BP settlement brings unprecedented money to coastal restoration efforts

The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig triggered the massive oil spill for which BP faces billons in fines.

Provisions in federal law and the $20.8 billion court agreement say that most of Louisiana's expected $8 billion influx has to be spent on restoration of environment. That allays long-held fears the big payday would set off a feeding frenzy among politicians for projects unrelated to the coast.

Experts: Talk now about drastic changes, or deal with coastal crisis later

The Studio Misi-Ziibi Team would move the mouth of the river to West Pointe a la Hache, dredge a new, deeper shipping channel west into Barataria Bay and eventually abandon the communities to the south.

The mouth of the Mississippi River should be moved north and communities downriver eventually will have to be abandoned if other parts of southeast Louisiana are to have a future into the next century. Those were among the more startling recommendations proposed by the teams of coastal engineering and sustainability experts from around the world.