Brookings report: RSD tops in nation on school choice

The Recovery School District ranks first among more than 100 school districts nationally for its school choice offerings, a report from the Brookings Institution said Tuesday. The state-run district was judged by The Brown Center on Education Policy, with results posted on  Brookings’ Education Choice and Competition Index, a web application that ranks school districts for their commitment to school choice and competition.

Yet another anniversary — and still no substitute for Charity Hospital

By Sandra Stokes, The Lens contributing opinion writer |

The sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina reminds us, as a community, how resilient we are, how we can work together to find solutions to the challenges we face. It coincides with another anniversary.  Three years ago the Foundation for Historical Louisiana released its study on the feasibility of reusing hurricane-damaged Charity Hospital.  In the $600,000 study, one of the world’s leading architectural firms said that by renovating the Art Deco landmark we could have a modern, 21st century teaching hospital built and opened in three years.  Well, if the plan had been adopted, we’d have a hospital right now.