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Draft budget projects trimmed expenses and a surplus despite enrollment gain

The recently released 2012-13 budget for Lagniappe Academies projects a year-end surplus, with expenses dipping even as enrollment rises.  With revenues projected at $2.1 and expenses at $2 million, Lagniappe envisions an $87,654 surplus at the end of the coming year. It would allow the school to make up for last year’s deficit and begin building a financial cushion, officials said.

Surging enrollment eases sharp cutbacks in projected spending for 2012-13

With the projected student count rising from 395 to 452, McDonogh City Park Academy’s 2012-13 budget will rise accordingly, the board learned at its monthly meeting, July 17.  More students means more expenses, but also more revenues; just how much more remains to be determined, finance director Keeanyu Dupre said. Dupre said the school was “working with the bare bones” when constructing a budget based on an enrollment of 395.

Slight drop in overall spending projected, despite jump in some budget categories

Revenues and expenses are expected to hold steady as McDonogh City Park Academy prepares for the 2012-13 school year.  The school projects $4,155,180 in available funds and $4,071,986 in expenses for the year – a one percent drop in both categories compared with last year. The projections are based on a student count of 395, five fewer than the official count on Feb.

Morris Jeff sees enrollment boom while some test scores are a bust

While the line of students hoping to enter its doors grows, Morris Jeff still needs to bolster achievement inside school walls, the board learned at its meeting June 21, which included a discussion of the school’s budget. Already one over its sixty student cap for pre-Kindergarten, the school has a 76-student waiting list.

Morris Jeff looks to new site, plans to ramp up savings with new budget

The Morris Jeff board of directors discussed expanded operations and a projected year-end surplus this time next year at its 2012-13 budget hearing on May 24. Principal Patricia Perkins is anticipating surpluses for the next two years as the school rebuilds its reserve fund and prepares to move to the former Fisk-Howard site on Rendon Street in 2014-15.  With $3,045,960 in revenues and $2,967,110 in expenses projected for 2012-13, next year’s budget is predicted to produce a $78,850 surplus.

Projected budget for 2012-13 school year released ahead of Friday's public hearing

Morris Jeff’s proposed budget for 2012-13 anticipates a bigger school and correspondingly higher costs. With at least 60 additional students expected to enroll next fall, revenues are projected to jump by $500,000 to $3 million while expenses rise by $400,000, also to $3 million

With the incoming pre-kindergarten class and expansion to fourth grade, next year’s student count is projected to hit 335.

Continuing search for long-term campus frustrates board; budget in balance

The Lagniappe Academies board grew in number while continuing to search for a new home at their monthly meeting, May 16. The board started the meeting by unanimously agreeing to add to members to their ranks: Joanie Houston, a parent, and Dan Henderson, an education veteran who served nine years on the Baton Rouge Board of Education.

School moves smoothly toward final shutdown; seniors to walk Dillard stage

Sojourner Truth Academy is striving to finish strong, with 46 of 47 seniors set to graduate and the school meeting all deadlines as it prepares to close its doors and go out of business, the board learned at its monthly meeting, May 15. The school lost its charter and is being closed for failure to meet minimum state performance standards.