EP Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy recently approved a $3.4 million budget  for the upcoming school year.

The budget anticipates an enrollment of 380 students and per-pupil funding of $4,483.51. Last year’s student count fluctuated throughout the school year, at one point dropping to 367 students.

As is typical for many charter schools, EP Harney sees its largest expense in salaries, coming in at $2.2 million and in transportation costs. This year’s busing contract cost $374,040, or about  $905 per student.

Health care costs for employees came in at $133,609, or 6 percent of their salary costs. Insurance costs rose along with salary with a general increase in staff for the upcoming year.

The school also budgeted $20,000 for sewerage and water bills this year, following an announcement that all Recovery School District schools would have to pay for all water used over an allotted four gallons per person per day.