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Missed the public forum on journalism? Replay it here

If you weren’t able to attend the New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance’s Wednesday night forum or catch it live on our site, we’re happy to offer it to you here.


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About Steve Beatty

Steve Beatty is the publisher and chief executive officer of The Lens. He worked as an editor for The Times-Picayune for 15 years, leaving New Orleans just before Katrina to take a position as an editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and quickly rising through the ranks to be an editor of the newspaper’s watchdog investigative team. He returned to New Orleans in May of 2009. He can be reached at (504) 655-2375.

  • Janiebt

    I attended and I was very pleased. Looking forward to the next one. I realize that every one is entitled to their opinion but I was distressed by a comment I read on twitter that an attendee considered the forum to be condescending and elitist. Obviously, I did not share that person’s opinion.

    My thanks to The Lens for presenting, what I consider, a very well-balanced and informative discussion.