At their monthly meeting, May 16, the board of Collegiate Academies was advised what to expect in coming months as they apply for extension of their charter.

“Currently you’re in very good standing financially. We’ve already done one special education visit in the spring, and it went very well. It would appear that you are on track,” said Adam Hawf, a Recovery School District representative.

Hawf said schools are granted an extension based on site visits, academic and financial performance, and contractual stability. The RSD will make a recommendation to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, which in turn will decide whether, and for how long, Collegiate Academies will be granted an extension. Extensions can range from three to 10 years based on performance evaluations.

School performance scores, combining state test results, attendance, and drop-out data, are also factored in. Schools with a performance score above 105, or a letter grade of A or B, are usually granted a 10-year extension; those with a score of 90-104.9, or a grade of C, are typically offered a five year extension.

Hawf said the board should know their fate in November.

The board also discussed the training of the two school leaders who will oversee operations of the two high schools that charter management group is opening on the Carver campus this fall.

Sci Academy school leader Ben Marcovitz will become chief executive officer of Collegiate Academies this year. Marcovitz, who attended the meeting by a conference call, said that the trainings have been going well.

Looking forward, the board announced that they will elect officers and approve the budget for the 2012-2013 school year at their June meeting.