Board meeting agenda released

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The agenda of the board meeting at Andrew Wilson Charter School is pasted below:



Andrew H. Wilson Charter School (cafeteria)

March 27, 2012 6:30 p.m.
6:30 -6:35 pm (start on time)—Call to Order, Roll Call and Board President Welcome (5 min.)

6:35 -6:37 pm—Approve board minutes (2 min.)

6:37-6:45 pm—Board Officers’ Reports (8 min)

?        Chair

?        Vice Chair

?        Finance Chair

6:50-6:58 pm—Committee Updates

?        Board Governance (2 min)

?        Academic Excellence (2 min)

?        Finance (2 min)

?        Fundraising (2 min)

6:58-7:38 pm—Discussion Time and Board Action Items (40 min)

?       Board Governance (10 min)

a. Discussion-

– Draft employee handbook/process for creating final handbook

b. Motion: Accept proposed board responsibility contract

Motion: Adopt proposed principal monthly report

Public Comment

Board Vote

?        Finance (10 min)

a. Discussion-

– Audit findings (to be discussed in detail during operations report)

– Budget report/Profit and Loss

b. Motion: Louisiana State Government budget policy

Motion: Louisiana State Procurement policy

Motion: Accept HR Generalist position description

Public Comment

Board Vote

?        Academic Excellence (10 min)

a. Discussion-

– Principal Evaluation

– Val-Ed (Darius Munchak)

b. Motion: Louisiana State Government budget policy

Motion: Accept proposed revised educational plan

 Public Comment

Board Vote

?        Fundraising (10 min)

7:38-8:03 pm—Edison and School Administrative Reports (40 minutes)

?        Edison Report (10 min)

?        School leader (10 min)

?        Operations (20 min)

8:03-8:10 pm—Announce next board meeting and committee meetings

8:10 pm —Meeting adjourned



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