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Bread Crumbs Part 2

Part 1

..Or how many days do you have to clean up the mess you left behind after the City demolished the houses you have neglected for years?

I think when I die the addresses of these 2 houses will be the last words uttered, like Rosebud, but instead it will be Belfast..

Here is the before

Belfast 84008404 Belfast

and here is the after:

8400 Belfast

and I don’t mean right after…I mean about 5 days after. I was told by the City that they had to tear the houses down because “children” were walking by, thus the urgency, the same sense of urgency to haul away the mold infested, rusty nail, debris laden carcass of 2 houses seems to have lessened as time goes on.

In spite of the City ordinance which states that you have 48 hours to complete the work and haul away the debris, this stands.

Does the owner have some special “pull” down at Perdido?

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  • debi

    I went by there everyday last week. Other folks are adding more debris and as of today, people are digging through the pile for scrap metal.

    So…where do we stand with the safety element that was sited for reasoning behind the demolition!!!!!

  • Ricardo

    Business plan- Chop Suey

  • Matt

    Not only has there not been any cleanup, there hasn’t even been any permits written for the demolition as of June 30th.

    Sure, there were the permits the Chins applied for in early June, but those remain pending. There are no permits granted to the city’s federally funded Imminent Danger of Collapse contractor, Metro-Durr, who performed the demolition through their subcontractor Dynamite Trucking & Demolition Specialist, LLC.

    Dynamite actually appears to be two or three guys with a backhoe.

  • Egg foo young

    you bet they have pull down at perdido and other places in new orleans. everything is under the table with the chins.