LSU/VA footprint

It seems that half of New Orleans is at the Supermarket on a Sunday. I ran into Gayle, at the market today. I had just read her “letter to the editor”

A lot of the people impacted by this “decision” feel that they have not been given a chance to weigh in on the effects of the decisions made, decisions made with no public input.

So for the fun of it, I made a map of another area that already has a hospital and is close to public transit and did not flood.

Fantasy LSU VA

I don’t have great map maping skills but I think you get the picture. What if the residents of that Neighborhood were told their houses would be demolished and a new “state of the art” hospital would be built in it’s place, do you think they would be upset or angry or be happy to relocate to allow the greater good to prevail?


Just for comparison “Becky Houtman”: sent me a copy of the Recovery plan done by the Neighborhood for this site.

Neighborhood Hospital Plan

Karen Gadbois

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