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Lisa Mazique

A report from Miami. Here is a link to an old letter in the Miami newspaper.

This comment was left on my blog by Chuck D’Aprix

Not all of you may remember the sad pathetic case of Lisa Mazique, our former Department Head at NORA.

After she left New Orleans she got another job in Miami.

I was hired by Lisa Mazique to review the Miami Economic Development Department. I have 25 years of economic development experience and have never seen such a mess as that Department. In a bold move (and one that cost me money) I called for the elimination of the Miami Economic Development Department. Ms. Mazique did not share my report with the City Commission who found out about it just before budget time and they ELIMINATED HER DEPARTMENT! She still has a job,but she no longer is the Director of Economic Development. What a track record this woman has,she has left a lot of in her wake. Thank goodness for a Miami City Commission that saw the handwriting on the wall.
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  • Wow! Let’s just hope she doesn’t come back here. Sugar Ray will probably put her in charge of garbage.

  • rcs

    And she still hasn’t done anything with the resulting vacant lot (well, she did transfer ownership to an entity named “Psalm Properties”, which is presumably hers, being headquartered in a building she owns.) Thanks (for) a f*cking (empty) lot, Lisa.

  • Gina S.

    She’s already proved that she can produce garbage.
    This is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever read on this site.

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  • funnybone

    Lisa Mazique did the smartest thing anybody could have done: she bought a prime parcel, tried to fix it, left a dysfunctional city, got a better job in a better city, still has a great development opportunity, a job and a bunch of bitter detractors in tow! This lady must be destined for greatness to have a loony bunch of followers…and to think this blog prides itself on reporting relevance. Tsk,tsk

  • Dear Funnybone,

    We are happy for Miss Mazique and her rise to power and prominence in the great State of Florida, in the trouble free City of Miami.

    Forever irrelevant,



    Maybe she can land a job in Chicago?

  • funnybone


  • Funnybone..Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

  • Sam Poddy

    Lisa Mazique has been a disappointment. City of Miami took away the funding for her former Department. Fired from NORA…

  • Arlene Riddick

    Hi, Karen,

    Hope this gets to you. My property is at 737 Hidalgo Street in Lakeview. I’ll be in Saturday morning some time. Will give you a phone call. Thanks! Arlene

  • Crusader

    Wasn’t Lisa originally hired by Morial?

    Is anyone who ever worked for Nagin automatically labelled corrupt?

  • Labeled by who?

  • Crusader

    Dangerblond, Zombie, Times-Pic, there are lots of folks who seem to jump to conclusions about folks rather than take time to actually become educated.

  • Well I try not to lable anyone rather just present facts.

  • Legos M

    Lisa Mazique finally got fired from the City of Miami?

  • About Time

    Lisa Mazique was finally fired by the City of Miami after 3 years of taking the taxpayers money.

  • Finally fired by Miami

    After doing nothing for four years except take the taxpayers money Lisa Mazique finally got fired by Miami.

    Fired by NORA making $75,000. Somehow conning Miami into paying her $135,000 per year. Doing nothing. Fired again.

  • She’s Baaaaackkkkk

    Working as a con man consultant! HA…..


    Lisa robbed us of our property we purchased in the LGD by selling it to a friend two months after I paid for it. Her buddy sued everyone to tie up the property and make us go away with attorney fees and court costs. Not going anywhere!!!!