8525 Apricot Street

We asked why it was being torn down *BEFORE* it was permitted. The permit was dated Dec.1 and torn down on Dec 12……

This house is 2 blocks from mine.
As you can see the City Damage assesment stated it had recieved 17 percent damage. The owner requested a FEMA demolition, and this morning FEMA contractors were out there demolishing this house.

Why were Federal Funds used to pay for this demolition?

How was it able to slip by unnoticed when it is in an HCDRC Neighborhood.

Who is asleep at the wheel?

8525 Apricot Street

This house is in great condition in a highly repopulated area between Carrollton Ave. and Leonides Street

8525 Apricot Street

I was able to peek inside and see that the house had been gutted and with very little effort could be put to use as a home.

interior 8525-23 Apricot

Today Dec 12, 2006


Address: 8525 Apricot St
Owner: Sheila Wilson
Tax Bill: 716326905
Property Description: Sq 410 Lots C & D Apricot 60 X 120 8523-25 Apricot St
Planning District: Uptown and Carrollton
Flood Zone: A3
Damage Assessment
Estimated Flood Depth: 2.5
Flood Duration (days): 10
Damage Report: 17.68%

Karen Gadbois

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