We’ll have to find another way to burn the Vikings tonight

Inspired by WhoDat mania and current events, I decided that today was the day to begin a new tradition. I’m calling it “Burn a Viking at the Stake Day.” My plan was to go to a nearby Capital One bank and grab one of those dirty Vikings they have on their commercials and burn him to death on a post out in the parking lot.

Can Who Dats get a Gleek on?

As we celebrate our team’s defense of an NFL championship, honor Rickey Jackson’s career, remember the vision of Dave Dixon, and hype a video game, I want to toss an extra doubloon into the Saints-related festivities. Pop philosopher Katy Perry inspired me.

Who dat say they’d pay mo’ for a cool driver’s license?

Legislative watchdog C.B Forgotston expects Gov. Bobby Jindal to veto a bill that repeals the fee increase on driver’s licenses, which the Jindal administration ordered earlier this year. Forgotston correctly asserts that this fee is tantamount to a tax, and he urges everyone to support the repeal and oppose a veto.