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Why is the MSM ignoring the New Orleans Saints?

That dastardly mainstream media blew it again. Did you know that the Saints won the Super Bowl on Sunday? If you’ve been relying on the five o’clock news or The Times-Picayune, you might have missed out.

Lucky for you, neither The Lens nor I will ever let something as important as a Saints playoff victory slip through the cracks. Indeed it is true. Your New Orleans Saints are the alpha team of the NFL and New Orleans is the alpha city of the United States.

That means we all get to do it with whomever we want for as long as the Saints are defending Super Bowl champs.

Obviously “real journalists” don’t want you to know this. They want to keep you from conquering your share of babes and/or studs. Typical corporate BS. That’s why you rely on emerging online news organizations and bloggers to deliver the real story.

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  • valmcginley

    Not MSM but have been impressed at NPR coverage of win and celebration. But then again, they have been consistent in reporting on NOLA – not always right – but at least consistent.

  • Finally! We get to do it with whomever we please! I had no idea. Thank you, blogosphere. PS: I’ll be the one out on Canal in the black and gold. Come find me!

  • Matt Davis

    It’s true—the papers really have done a good job on this. We checked more over this past weekend than the last six months. I actually thought the TP’s coverage of election day was pretty handy too.

  • Tim Plame

    What are you smoking? There couldn’t have been more coverage on the Saints on local TV, radio, newspaper and the nationals have been in love with us.

    I’m all for bloggers and know that they bring some things to light that MSM misses, but you are so far off on this one that it’s hard to take this site seriously.

    I mean, you’re kidding right?

  • Eli Ackerman

    Yes. C’mon dude.