Failed pumps at Corps pumping station could increase Mid-City flooding risk

With Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on New Orleans, one of three key Army Corps of Engineers pumping stations that help drain the city during a storm is only at partial capacity – far less than what is needed to keep the Orleans Avenue Canal from filling. The city’s Sewerage & Water Board pumping station serving Mid-City and the City Park area can put significantly more water in that canal than the Corps could empty if the flood gates at Lake Pontchartrain have to be closed.

Recent London riots insult the memory of Katrina's greater toll

By Matt Davis, The Lens staff writer |

After plenty of research, reporting and countless conversations on the riots in England, it is my considered opinion as a native Englishman with dual U.S. citizenship, that sometimes, weird things just happen, and that the riots in England were just that: weird. I arrived back in Blighty on August 20 for a long-planned vacation, burdened with a question many Americans had asked me: What was with those riots, anyway?