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Four teachers lose jobs after school misses enrollment goals

Lower than expected enrollment numbers have led to reductions in staff at James M. Singleton Charter School for the 2012-2013 school year. According to Principal Debra Robertson, the October 1 student count is 648, well below the school’s enrollment goal of 740.

Board discusses enrollment boost, new hires and LEAP prep classes

Enrollment numbers came in much higher than expected at McDonogh City Park Academy, Principal Christine Mitchell announced at the board’s October 16 monthly meeting. The current enrollment of  420 marks the highest total since New Orleans Charter School Foundation took over the school, according to Mitchell.

Board approves revised budget, unanimously re-elects leadership

The FirstLine Schools board of directors voted unanimously to approve a revised final budget for the 2012-2013 school year at their monthly meeting, September 26. The final budget for the upcoming year still comes in around the projected $26 million, according to finance committee chair Stephen Rosenthal.

Programs put in place to encourage good behavior, discourage bullying

At Tuesday’s monthly board meeting school leaders at McDonogh City Park Academy announced a new partnership with the Center for Restorative Approaches and the successful implementation of the Kickboard program. Kickboard is an online data-collection tool that helps teachers gather information about students’ academics and behavior. The program allows teachers to keep detailed digital records of each student, which are used to improve classroom instruction and inform weekly communications with parents.

Failed pumps at Corps pumping station could increase Mid-City flooding risk

With Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on New Orleans, one of three key Army Corps of Engineers pumping stations that help drain the city during a storm is only at partial capacity – far less than what is needed to keep the Orleans Avenue Canal from filling. The city’s Sewerage & Water Board pumping station serving Mid-City and the City Park area can put significantly more water in that canal than the Corps could empty if the flood gates at Lake Pontchartrain have to be closed.

Fundraisers to fuel year-end field trips

An “End of Year Field Studies” program that aims to send nearly seven hundred students to centers of art and science throughout the country was announced at the monthly ReNEW Schools board meeting, August 9. The program, created by recently-appointed Development Director Pete Rodway, is designed to offer students  educational trips at year’s end to enhance their learning outcomes.