Warren Easton’s board meeting on August 15 began with the first of two executive sessions conducted that evening. The first session was a forty minute legal discussion regarding the new regulations of the Recovery School District and Orleans Parish School Board student expulsion process.  It was requested that the executive session be moved to the beginning of the agenda because a board member had a fundraiser to attend.

The topic of the second executive session, at the end of the meeting, involved the future salary of board secretary Janet Gaudet. This session lasted about twenty minutes.

Gaudet’s position as school Fund Development Coordinator was eliminated in June, but the board voted to retain her as board secretary, as an independent contractor, for no more than three months. The executive session was held to discuss acquiring funds to continue paying for her work. Board president David Garland said, “Gaudet has been with board for several years and the board would like to be able to retain her services.”

The board concluded unfinished business from last month’s meeting, voting unanimously to re-affirm the two-year terms of board president David Garland, vice-president Bobby Delle and board member Dave Benelli.

In the president’s report, David Garland noted there was an excellent turnout for student orientation on July 30, especially the number of parents who attended. Garland said the auditorium was standing room only, with 700 students and families attending. Warren Easton’s current enrollment numbers stand at 840, which exceeds last year’s enrollment of 640. The school has a 920 student capacity.

Facilities consultant Ken Ducote updated the board on window work. The window improvements are still only 99 percent complete because of lingering issues from a previous contractor. Board members remain frustrated, as the project was supposed to be completed by April 2010. Ducote said the job could be completed in five days if they can get the contractor issue resolved.

The board discussed a list of several new and old repairs that are needed to maintain the school until complete renovations begin under the Facilities Master Plan. According to the principal’s report, a leaky roof and the heaters in the gymnasium need to be repaired, and new hallway and stairwell doors are currently being installed.

Garland also announced the first meeting of a committee that will plan the school’s 100th anniversary celebration, next year. That committee will meet on August 22 at Warren Easton.