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CODOFIL says it will support Lycée’s French teacher recruitment in 2013-14

The Council for the Development of French in Louisiana will recruit teachers for Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans charter school next year, despite a recent warning that it might not.

CODOFIL Executive Director Joseph Dunn announced the news in a media statement released by the school Thursday morning.

“CODOFIL communicated that it is pleased with the school’s progress in implementing focused processes that will lead to the hiring of a permanent school leader and recruiting new members for its board of directors,” the statement said.

The Lens on Tuesday reported that Lycée’s interim chief, Gisele Schexnider, said that at least 10 of the school’s French exchange teachers had committed to remain at the French curriculum school in 2013-14 following assurances from state Superintendent John White and others that leadership change was coming.

CODOFIL in February threatened to curb its international teacher recruiting efforts for the school amid concerns that too many of the current French exchange teachers were planning to leave. Dunn at the time reported that only four of 18 had said they planned to remain with the school this fall.

He encouraged Schexnider to obtain written commitments from at least 10 teachers willing to stay on in order to show a “good faith effort,” and gave Lycée leaders a March 15 deadline to do so.

Thursday’s media statement, which was issued on Lycée’s school Twitter account and website, did not specify how many teachers agreed to return, but did state CODOFIL will staff the school with the necessary number of teachers for next year.

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  • frenchfriend

    Great News For Joseph Dunn!!!!

  • Joy Van Buskirk

    Kudos to Steve Beatty, Marta Jewison, Rebecca Catalanello, and Jessica Williams for the excellent investigative journalism done in regard to Lycee Francais. In the wee hours of Saturday, December 1, 2012, I wrote a lengthy email to the Lens describing the outrageous incident that took place on Friday November 30th when LFNO Board officials and the newly appointed CFO fired Darleen Mipro for misconduct, and had her charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. It was the last straw for me. The termination of three employees in October under the guise that the board was facing a shortfall – then learning that the administration tried to ensure that those individuals could not collect unemployment was beyond measure. That kind of behavior is unjust, and immoral. The 11 board members stepping down, and the two CEOs mistreatment was beyond the pale. I received a phone call from Marta Jewison the following Wednesday, December 5th in response to my email. I was elated, as I almost lost hope that the Lens would respond. I was of the opinion that the only way to resolve the leadership crisis at Lycee was to have a full blown investigation, and the Lens’ staff fit that objective. I want to thank everyone associated with the Lens for the wonderful work that they have done. Without them the LFNO Board nightmare would have continued. The work is not over, as there are some in leadership roles that it seems might survive this fiasco. They are: the Director of Academics, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Sweet Olive consultants. If the current French teachers elect to leave in May, it will be because those “so called” leaders are staying. Those individuals willingly supported, and participated in the Board’s worst business practices, and I, for one, hold them accountable for their poor judgement. Just eliminating the board will not suffice. These people must also go. The excuse that they were required to do the board’s bidding is hollow and lame. No job is that important to sacrifice one’s integrity. We should expect that LFNO board and administrative leaders exemplify integrity, rock solid character, and high moral standards. I believe that parents who commit their children to a LFNO education want “quality” leaders as their children’s role models to ensure academic excellence, and the appropriate guidance in the character building of every child that passes through LFNO’s hallowed halls. We should expect no less.

  • No kidding. The parents and children of Jefferson and New Orleans owe him a debt of gratitude. The taxpayers of Louisiana owe him a thank you, and the current parents and families of LFNO should be treating for dinner and drinks. Great news for LFNO! Moving forward!

  • ” The school has adopted a host of positive changes to its governance structure and is on tract to hire a permanent leader”said Dr.William Arceneaux. While I’m happy that Codifil will assist in finding teachers for 2013-2014 it seems that the Codifil board wanted one thing and Mr Dunn another . The board won out once the money came from BESE. I still belive backroom shenangins took place. I will take a wait and see attitude.

  • Tristesse

    I agree, Joy. The Academic Director, CFO, and Sweet Olive (especially) are not qualified for their positions and were hired for their loyalty to the most corrupt board members. Hopefully the new CEO will be experienced, sharp, and strong-willed. If so, none of them will stand a chance.

  • You may find the answer in the new MFP written by John White which includes special money for the French teacher program. The cost in East Baton Rouge for the foreign teachers associate salaries went from $44,000 this year to a projected $244,000 next year according to a spread sheet provided by Charles Roemer. Not sure how that fits but it is interesting.

  • jppss parent

    Lee I’m not sure about the obvious uptick in budget but I do know the EBR has a very successful immersion school in one of their at risk schools. The school has become a success for the area and they have turned around academically. This maybe an expansion. They do not follow the French curriculum but adapt LA curriculum into the French language, this is similar to the French immersion program that is offered in JP (not the charter ISL but what is offered at JC Ellis). Lafayette has the same type of school as well but they are more established and already have grades up to 5th grade. I believe in JP the monies received from BESE for the teacher salary is lumped into the general fund. I’m not privy to the spreadsheet you are speaking about but maybe the $244K includes all the money being distributed to various locations.

  • French Cliché

    Miss Louisiana Gulf Coast Photogenic 2011

  • French Cliché

    Is the CFO embarrassed that she was in a beauty pageant in 2011?

  • Nola_Ed

    Wow she’s pretty, and a CPA, I wonder if she’s taken?