The Algiers Charter Schools Association met Monday night in the O. Perry Walker library to publicly review finances for the 2012-2013 school year.

Finance director Charlie Mackles led a short presentation on each school’s proposed budget. Board members, principals, and a few parents were present.

Mackles answered questions about the organization’s asset depreciation rates, which are entered as expenses on each school’s budget. The rates are considered a “non-cash event” because no money will be spent out of pocket to cover the associated costs, he said.

He added that the associated schools will solidify enrollment numbers on Oct. 1, at which time it may be necessary to  adjust the budget to reflect an increase or decrease in per-pupil state allocations.  Currently, the budget allows for a 5 percent fluctuation in enrollment in either direction without requiring an adjustment.

The budgets will be approved at the board’s monthly meeting on Aug. 30.