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NOPD has federal oversight; sheriff next? Holder won't say

The news media were out in force for Holder’s announcement. Photo by Tom Gogola

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder offered a curiously nonresponsive answer to the question that was on many people’s mind Tuesday afternoon: Now that the New Orleans Police Department’s consent decree with the federal government has been finalized, is the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office next?

Holder was joined by city officials, federal agents and police brass at Gallier Hall to announce that the NOPD consent decree was finished after two years of work.

Holder noted that the New Orleans Police Department consent decree was a model for efforts currently underway, a comment that raised a few eyebrows in the jam-packed room filled with TV cameras.

Shortly thereafter, a reporter asked Holder if that meant that New Orleanians might expect a similar all-hands-on-deck announcement about a much-anticipated Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office federal consent decree?

Sheriff Marlin Gusman was sitting in the front row while Holder spoke.

Holder did not answer the question.  Instead, he noted that the New Orleans Police Department decree was an “experiment” that could be a “template” for other municipalities.

Gusman didn’t stick around for long after the event wrapped.

The Lens caught up with Deputy Mayor Andy Kopplin in the hallway following the Holder announcement. Kopplin averred that Gusman has indeed been huddling with city officials lately to hammer out details of a consent decree at the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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  • greg peters

    That link does not go to the consent decree. That’s the DOJ investigation with a cover.

  • truthteller

    The feds will not put the Gussy under a consent decree. Gussy will be indicted along with Ursin, Howard, and all of Ursin’s boys.

  • Bro Keith “X” Hudson

    Do anybody understand what a Consent Decree is? It’s a B.S. document that tells a group to do something, but they don’t really have to do it, if they don’t want to. All that will happen is another hearing before the judge and the group will say Ok, we’ll abide, and don’t abide, and the B.S. will go on forever. Angola was under a consent decree, and it was the bloodiest prison in the country! The Orleans parish prison was also under the same consent decree, and look how that turned out. Tom Perez was over the last consent decree, and he dropped the ball then, and he’ll drop the ball now. Because those thugs at NOPD ain’t scare of no piece of paper!!!