Squandered Heritage Vintage

Pave Paradise

They took all the trees And put them in a tree museum
Then they charged the people
A dollar and a half just to see ’em
Don’t it always seem to go,
That you don’t know what you’ve got
‘Til it’s gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

Oak Street

It seems some people believe it is a God given right to park in the front yard, as close to the door as possible in spite of the fact that there is already an ordinance that addresses the issue.

Meanwhile in Houston


Kind of makes you wonder if this is car “profiling” That is if you park your Lexus on the front lawn is that better than a beat up Caprice.

In the war of pedestrians and car, the walker seldom wins

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  • David Keiffer

    The City, by intentionally or simply neglecting to enforce the zoning and parking laws that are in place has set a very bad precedent that reinforces a very destructive pattern. Front lawns, sidewalks and medians that are fundamental to the pedestrian quality and character of the city is being lost at a frightening rate. I urge readers to drive, or walk around any neighborhood and see how the car has pushed the pedestrian off the sidewalk and into the street or has replaced the shaded median and gracious lawn for a slightly more convenient place to park the SUV. live in suburbia if your car is more important than a place to welcome the neighborhood to your front door. Build a wall around your property and circle your wagons or better yet, cut down that tree, steal a little of the PUBLIC green space, even if it means the small child on a bike or the elderly man has to go into traffic to get around it. There is a pattern here that will be hard to reverse if the City doesn’t do their job. They know the problem and they are refusing to Act, Shame on Them.

  • Teddy Martin

    When asked over a year ago about the probable damage to water and sewer lines caused by parking in front yards, was told it wasn’t a problem. Seems Houston doesn’t agree and did something about it. Too bad NOLA doesn’t think ahead and enforce the existing laws.

  • David Keiffer

    I hope the gate swings out in the first photo. Lord, do these people climb over their cars every morning and squeeze into the seat just before the electric gate hits them…. What are they thinking. A big chain attached to a 1 ton weight would work better, be more attractive, and allow them to enjoy the front porch. When they tire of this arrangement I expect that they will pave the median and just park on top of the sidewalk. It will add 3 more steps to the car door but no one will mind (except the little old lady walking home from church- the one that can’t climb over cars too well anymore) . I was told by a City official that this particular case was legal. I looked it up. It’s totally illegal. The City just accepts the owner’s word, forces anyone who objects into court and then torpedoes the process. They are shooting us (the people who care about more than personal property) in the back. They don’t want to enforce the law.

  • mike m

    Hell, the nuisance business by my house parks their van on the sidewalk in front of the business everyday. The people that come to store double and triple park, park on the sidewalk, block the street, and block fire hydrants.

    Often, when the NOPD comes by, they double park then go inside the store. Ugh!

    The store is Sopranos (2317 Ursulines). Such an awful, awful neighbor. Before you ask, I’ve complained and complained some more.

  • octavia garfield

    The Garden District has been losing the Garden part for years to driveways–drive down First St, for one example.