"I feel such pure fury…"

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This evening a homeowner left a comment on this blog.

I can’t begin to express my frustration with this process and this City. A small band of dedicated people have lent hour after hour, week after week and now month after month to encourage the City to fix this broken system.

The property this homeowner is speaking about did not even have the chance to go to review but instead was demolished with no notification to the owner, an issue of due process, or should I say lack of due process.

She ends her comment with words that sting, but these are only words, the idea that the most sacred space a person inhabits was first flooded and then destroyed by carelessness on the part of our City and Federal Government is more than anyone should have to bear.

Although the house shown in the following video was also demolished it is not related to the previous home.

This video was shot by the child who grew up in this house and was also the victim of an unrequested demolition.

There are a lot of stories out there.

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