Squandered Heritage Vintage

1619-21 Ursulines {6th Ward}

Historic District Review Commission (HDLC)
Friday, Dec. 15th 9:30 a.m.
City Council Chambers

Result: Approved

The applicant for this demolition is Gladys Marigny, a reputable contractor, who has done a number of renovations in Treme and part of small group of people trying to renovate all the properties on this block/corner of Ursulines and N. Robertson, where Joe’s Cozy Corner operated. The owner, George Reiras plans to rebuild according to the approved plans. To see the set of photos of his property follow this link: 1619 Ursulines Ave.

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  • randall fox

    wow an hdlc approval. how did the hdlc vote?

  • Laureen

    This was an easily won, unanimous approval because of the nature of the whole project on Ursulines and the fact that Gladys Marigny is well known for doing appropriate work and following procedures. Gladys loves the old buildings and hates blight. The architectural style of this building is much younger than most of Treme, it’s not historically significant, however, the damage is. It can be seen a little better on the flickr photos. Becky Retz from the Times-Picayune used to own this building and she had some rather awful tenants in there pre-K. It caught fire in June.
    The neighborhood asked her to sell as part of a full scale effort to bring back Ursulines St. We should pass by there, Randall, I’ll show you the various projects, including little blue house I got off the red sticker list which is now being worked on. Treme has tons of great work happening.

  • randall fox

    Yeah, I can tell it is younger than that area of treme its in. It is definitely twentieth century for sure. I have great hopes for treme also. I wish I felt the same hope for central City:(.