Squandered Heritage Vintage

2240 St. Anthony St New Marigny {7th Ward}

Housing Conservation District Review Committee
Meeting Agenda
October 23, 2006
10 a.m., Room 7E07 City Hall

Oct 23 Meeting Results RESULT: Approved

Squandered Heritage October Power Shot 010

Owner Lionel Gaspard had applied to demolish this shotgun double residence which was originally applied with intentions for a vacant lot. At the Oct. 9th meeting, this was deferred to yesterday’s meeting. On Oct. 23rd, Mr. Gaspard brought detailed plans for a double modular home, and this time he got the board’s approval. Goodbye little house, you’re getting a makeover.

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  • Judy Gaspard-Wilborn

    This home as been in our family for a very long. My father inherited this home from his aunt who raised him from a child. My father recently passed way on September 27, 2008. The property currently has to modular homes and are being rented out.

  • gary gaspard

    my dad worked very hard to keep this home in the family. We all will work just has hard to fulfill his dreams and wishes…..rest in peace pop!

  • I am glad that you came here to honor your Dad.