Brookings report: RSD tops in nation on school choice

The Recovery School District ranks first among more than 100 school districts nationally for its school choice offerings, a report from the Brookings Institution said Tuesday. The state-run district was judged by The Brown Center on Education Policy, with results posted on  Brookings’ Education Choice and Competition Index, a web application that ranks school districts for their commitment to school choice and competition.

And they're off! OPSB candidates approach the starting gate

Qualifying begins today for candidates seeking seats on the Orleans Parish School Board.  At issue are basic questions of governance including whether schools that now answer to the state’s Recovery School District will be returned to local control, making this one of the more pivotal elections in recent memory.

BESE makes clear how charters that perform well can leave RSD

Update, 9:45 p.m.: BESE has accepted the Recovery School District’s outline of transfer to local control policies. 

The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education received and approved a plan by the Recovery School District Wednesday on a process for transferring schools back to the Orleans Parish School Board

The plan is expected to ease several charter school leaders’ trepidation about returning to oversight by the Orleans Parish School Board, which was bankrupt and widely seen as incompetent when the state took over most New Orleans schools in the chaos following Hurricane Katrina.  

In December, high-performing charter schools were given the first option of moving from the state-run Recovery School District to the School Board.

Few appeal RSD placement; most who do get a top-three choice

Of the 32,000 students that the Recovery School District placed in its schools this year through its new centralized application process, only 4 percent were unhappy enough with their assignment to submit an appeal, according to data provided by district officials. Just more than two-thirds of those who appealed ended up getting into one of their top three choices, the figures show.

Recovery School District centralizes expulsion process in bid for equity at all 66 schools

By Jessica Williams, The Lens staff writer |

To make expulsion hearings more equitable for Recovery School District students, the state-run agency will coordinate hearings at its 66 New Orleans schools through a central office. The RSD Expulsion Hearing Office, once responsible for conducting hearings only at schools the district runs directly, will now oversee hearings for students at its charter schools as well.

Educator's vision: continuum to college, meaningful work

One in a series of conversations with New Orleans educators

Andre Perry describes himself as an education “thought leader”. His work has run the gamut from advocacy for immigrant education rights to university professor to chief executive of a charter management organization in charge of K-12 schools.