Bermdoggle: The real barrier that Gov. Jindal will have to overcome

If you’re a tax-raising child molester who snorts bath salts, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is your worst nightmare. Otherwise, as the social network kids like to say, Jindal is pretty “meh.” (Translation: “not so much”.)

For example, this Gambit story by Jeremy Alford on the evolution and cost of Jindal’s sand berm scheme is pretty amusing.

Jindal to beef up berms

Standing on the second floor of the Acme Oyster House alongside BP America President Lamar McKay, Gov. Bobby Jindal today announced that the state will use $140 million from BP to transform sand berms into barrier islands to protect the coast.

Time to strike while the Bullock and wetlands are hot

In addition to The Times-Picayune’s story on FEMA’s massive lump sum compensation to battered New Orleans Schools, Bayou Buzz shared this good news:
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu will join Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, to announce the opening of the Warren Easton High School health clinic on Sunday, August 29. …

Don’t waste a good disaster: Spill could help The Hoff

Saints fans carefully appraised my suggestion to play “Glee” songs on game days, and they decided the idea had less merit than an unflushed toilet. After such a blogging debacle, you’d think I’d be disinclined to use my platform at The Lens to make additional pop culture proposals.