Relax oversight? How about protecting us from oil's ravages?

By Anne Rolfes, The Lens contributing opinion writer |

Last Monday began with a bang. On my way to work I learned that Senator David Vitter and Rep. Jeff Landry were at it again — planning to meet with officials in the regional office of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, BOEMRE for short.

Weasel words: BP ‘cleanup’ falls far short of ‘coastal restoration’

By Mark Moseley, The Lens opinion writer |

While reading a local news story on the web, I noticed a familiar yellow and green color scheme on the sidebar. Sure enough, it was a BP advertisement: “Gulf Coast Restoration,” the article teased, “Read the latest.”  Intrigued, I clicked the link and was sent to the official BP America Twitter feed which presented lovely notices about Gulf Coast festivals, links to photos of birds and fish, and a  healthy does of BP corporate news (2nd Quarter profits: $5.6 billion).

Senator using skewed numbers on oil industry’s safety record

By Benjamin Leger, The Lens contributing opinion writer |

Testifying in front of the Senate Energy Committee in May 2010 while the Deepwater Horizon was still gushing oil into the Gulf, Louisiana’s U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu voiced her opposition to the moratorium on deepwater exploratory drilling:
Since 1971, not a single spill in the Gulf, or the entire federal OCS (outer-continental shelf), caused by a well blowout exceeded 1,000 barrels of oil. We are exceeding 7,000 barrels of oil every day and a half with this current uncontrolled flow.

Jindal to beef up berms

Standing on the second floor of the Acme Oyster House alongside BP America President Lamar McKay, Gov. Bobby Jindal today announced that the state will use $140 million from BP to transform sand berms into barrier islands to protect the coast.

Don’t waste a good disaster: Spill could help The Hoff

Saints fans carefully appraised my suggestion to play “Glee” songs on game days, and they decided the idea had less merit than an unflushed toilet. After such a blogging debacle, you’d think I’d be disinclined to use my platform at The Lens to make additional pop culture proposals.

Obama moratorium may be result of being twice bitten

Despite howls from South Louisiana, President Obama hasn’t budged on his deepwater oil drilling moratorium, which will cost thousands of jobs.  Many people can’t understand why he is so steadfast on this particular policy response to the BP oil disaster, while being somewhat flexible on other issues, such as sand berms and skimmers.