Fighting Formosa in solidarity with Rise St. James

On a sunny, cold Tuesday afternoon, 20 or so of us pile into a school bus bound for Vacherie.  (Why don’t school buses have seat belts?) Most of us are members of Justice and Beyond, a black-led New Orleans coalition of justice-seeking organizations.

Mosaic says it can keep wastewater on site in case of breach

Representatives of Mosaic Fertilizer say they are confident about their ability to prevent a potential breach of its gypsum-walled reservoir in St. James Parish. Even so, Mosaic is taking steps to secure the reservoir to ensure that any potential leak of acidic wastewater does not escape from their property

Tough choices ahead for Louisiana’s struggling water systems

An infrastructure review graded the state’s drinking water systems at D-minus. Billions of dollars will be needed to repair and upgrade these public systems, and it’s not clear where all that money will come from. But drilling private wells simply isn’t an option for most residents.