Climate change is expected to bring heavier rainstorms, which means more stress on the existing drainage system, such as this pump station along Broad Street in Mid-City. Credit: Michael Isaac Stein / WWNO

New Orleans: Ready or Not?How prepared is New Orleans for stronger storms and extreme temperatures?Rising temperatures strain New Orleans’ electric gridIn New Orleans, aging water system causes school closures

Scientists say climate change will bring heavier rains and more intense storms. City officials have acknowledged that New Orleans needs to rethink how it deals with rain — by reducing its reliance on mechanical pumps and managing the water where it falls.

Thanks to a post-Katrina settlement with FEMA, the city has more than $2 billion to fix streets and drainage — a perfect opportunity to try some new ideas. But will it?

This week, with our partner WWNO-FM, we explore how prepared the city is for the threats that climate change will bring. Check back every day this week for a new story in the series, “New Orleans: Ready or Not?”

Travis Lux

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