You’re invited: Spend an hour with the chief attorney suing oil and gas industry

On Tuesday, Lens environmental reporter Bob Marshall will interview Gladstone Jones, the lead attorney in the lawsuit against the oil and gas companies for coastal damages. Nov-2014-Gladstone-Newsmaker-copyThey will discuss a  recent key hearing in federal court and how that affects the next hearing Dec. 10.

Jones and Marshall will discuss his contract with the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority — East, how it differs from standard contracts, if at all, and why he took the lawsuit.

Marshall will ask him to explain the offers Jones has made to forego payments beyond his costs if the oil and gas industry comes to the table. And they’ll also get into so-called “legacy law suits,” which the Legislature has attempted to kill, and what that would mean to people who have suffered damage form oil and gas activities if it passes.


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Date: Tuesday, Nov. 18

Time: 8 to 9 a.m. (doors open at 7:30 a.m.)

RSVP: Anne Mueller, amueller@TheLensNola.org

Location: Basin St. Station, 4th floor, 501 Basin St. at St. Louis Street

Parking: Available in the Basin St. Station parking lot adjacent to the facility. This map shows the location of the parking lot and adjacent access points.



Special thanks to our sponsors LCI Workers’ Comp and Basin St. Station.

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  • lawsuitabusewatch

    The first question for Mr. Jones: This letter would appear to be seeking the approval of the ethics board for John Barry to accept financial compensation from the Jones law firm. Was this arrangement made in the executive session of the SLFPA-E meeting in which the lawsuit was conceived? The terms of the lawsuit, including the poison pill provision were never discussed in a public general meeting of the board. Will Mr. Barry share in fees collected under the poison pill provision, and will he receive any portion of a monetary judgment or settlement if the case is successful?

  • Shirley_Mae

    The damage wasn’t done without political complicity. Can nothing be done to past administrations that catered to big oil? Actually that is a rhetorical question since it’s obvious that political complicity is still alive and well.

  • What a great idea, to clear up misconceptions. I’ll be there!

  • nickelndime

    Who else is monitoring lawsuits besides “lawsuitabusewatch”? My stomach hurts (this is a reference to library funding and what the public can “stomach” – Jason Williams). I am absolutely sick of items that do not appear on meeting agendas and then show up in executive sessions out of nowhere and out of the public’s view. Michelle Craig, Esq. chair of the New Orleans Civil Service Commission, pulls this kind of stuff all the time, and she is not the only one.