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New Orleans, the mayor wants to raise your property taxes — how much more would you pay?

Mayor Mitch Landrieu wants New Orleans residents to approve higher property taxes to help the city reform the Police Department and city jail and to shore up the firefighters’ pension fund.

He has asked the state Legislature to nearly double the portion of property taxes devoted to police and fire protection, from 10.47 mills to 20 mills. The increase would have to be be approved by voters statewide and in Orleans Parish, then put to another citywide vote by the City Council.

With this calculator, we have made it easier to find out how much your property tax bill would increase under the current proposal.

Want to see where your property tax goes? Check out this calculator.

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  • rick

    ew, a paywall guys?

  • Steve Myers

    It would be a paywall if we had asked you to pay money to use this tool. In this case, you “pay” by answering a few questions. We’re experimenting with consumer surveys as an alternate revenue stream. In order for The Lens to continue doing its important work, we need to build a sustainable business model. I hope that you can support us in this effort.

    Steve Myers
    Managing Editor

  • lestat

    My tenants are tired of paying increases in rent just so New Orleans POS Politicians can party………