Below is a copy of the agenda for the January 6 meeting of the board that governs Homer A. Plessy Community School:

Citizens’ Committee for Education

Board Meeting Agenda

January 6, 2014

3820 St. Claude Ave

6:00 PM

6:00                            Welcome                                                                                                                                          

6:05                      Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes

6:10-6:55              Reports                                                                                                           

  • Head of School Report
  • Committee Reports

o   Fundraising, Ben McLeish

o   Community Engagement, Jackson Knowles

o   Finance, Nigel Fields & 4th Sector

o   Governance, Bob Brian

o   Personnel, Patricia Adams

o   Facilities, Randy Hutchinson

o   Curriculum ad hoc, April Bedford/Gilda Armstrong Butler

o   Pre-K ad hoc, Michael Pizzolatto

6:55-7:20             New Business           

  • Announcements

7:20-7:30             Review of Actions at Meeting