Miller-McCoy’s November board meeting prominently featured optimistic discussion of the facility that will be the school’s new home.

Board member Nathaniel Jones provided an update on the new facility under construction at the Monday meeting. Member Martin d’Laurel, discussing the building’s importance to Miller-McCoy as well as students and families in the area, said the building would be “a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the East.”

“Thank you, Jesus; there’s a new building,” d’Laurel said, adding that there would be a lot of work ahead to prepare for the facility’s opening in 2015. The school is at at 7301 Dwyer Road in eastern New Orleans.

The board discussed a concern that the construction was a potential hazard to students attending the school, and members said students are kept far away from the site at all times.

Furthermore, since Orleans Parish has not experienced weather-related school closings during the hurricane season, any closings necessitated by construction that would occur in the spring would not adversely impact the school schedule, board members said.

In other news, the board discussed the impact of Achievers Academy, its after-school tutorial program.

Participation in the program is expected to rise in the spring after the football season concludes. The total enrollment number is expected to rise as well from its current figure of 325, as 10 or 11 students that entered the school will be counted in the February number.

According to the board, a few students have departed the school to relocate to Texas, and another student who had been experiencing emotional issues decided to find another school.

The finance committee, which met prior to the general meeting, discussed options for procuring the use of a bus for school activities, including purchasing a new vehicle, purchasing from an auction, and leasing. The school is currently operating with a deficit, and is set to process a $10,000 donation from d’Laurel.

The meeting was attended by board members Michael Todd, Ralph Brennan, Blake Oakes, David Bailey, d’Laurel and Jones.

The next board meeting will be Dec. 16 at 6:30 pm in the school cafeteria.