The board of New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy passed a revised budget for the year at its regular monthly meeting Thursday. Col. Bill Davis, NOMMA’s commandant, also updated the board on the school’s progress in the new school year.

Davis described the school’s new building, now under construction, as 80 percent complete.

“The final 20 percent is painting, floors, and final touches,” he said.  “The critical part is still getting the power run through.” Davis said Entergy had agreed to have power run to the building by Oct. 1.

The board passed a new version of the yearly budget that was passed in April.  The new budget is based on a student count of 350, and anticipates more than $250,000 in additional revenue from state and local per-student funding.

As a type II charter, NOMMA admits students from several parishes in Louisiana, with Orleans and Jefferson parish students making up the vast majority.  As a result, the school’s per-student funding varies depending on which parish a student resides in.  Davis said they calculated an average of $9,141 per student, but budgeted for $9,000.

This was an improvement from last year due to changes in the per-pupil funding formula, and a slight predominance of Jefferson Parish students.  Orleans Parish students mean $8,939 each in funding, while Jefferson Parish students generate $9,636 each, barring any future changes from the state.

In October, the school will begin offering basketball, soccer and wrestling extracurricular activities.

“We have enough now, we have that critical mass of students” Davis said.  “They understand  our rules for playing: No F’s, and 2.0’s, and all that good stuff.”

Board president Terry Ebbert instructed the board to consider the nomination of two new board members to replace the departing Maj. Gen. Walter Paulson, and fill its total roster of 11 board members.  Ebbert said the board should plan on choosing the new members within 60 days, to have all vacancies filled by the end of the year.

Also present were board members Maj. Blake LeMaire, Marcellus Grace, Courtney Bagneris, Eades Hogue and Capt. Dave Whiddon. Carol McCall, James Reiss, Maj. Gen. Walter Paulson and Gen. Jack Bergman were absent.