Fannie C. Williams Charter School board approved its budget for the 2013-2014 school year at a meeting Tuesday night.

The school’s anticipated total revenue for the year is $5,490,500, although it is subject to revisions.  The school expects $8,247 per pupil from local and state sources.

Last year, the school had 535 students. As of Tuesday, 575 students were enrolled.

The school has  a few remaining spots open for students in kindergarten, second and sixth grade.

The majority of the school’s revenue will come from per-pupil-aid from local and state sources.  Williams also is receiving $545,511 in federal money this year, and the Walton Family Foundation increased its grant award from $57,743 in 2012-13 to $187,638 for 2013-14.

The school’s accountant and financial consultant, Sean Bruno, said the school has roughly $100,000 rolled over from last year’s budget that is not allocated to this year’s approved budget.   That’s because the board already submitted the budget to the state, and only recently received roll-over funds, which will be allocated as grant funds in a revised budget later on.

Principal Kelly Batiste said she is looking for grant money or other funds to begin an after-school program.  She expects the program to begin after Labor Day, and will include one hour of homework support followed by activities in art, band, dance and other enrichments.

The school also is seeking to hire a part-time ESL instructor to assist foreign-language students.

Batiste and members of the board will be participating this year in the Replicating Quality Schools program, designed to help school leaders improve administration and operations in several areas by understanding and implementing best practices of nationally successful charter networks.

The cost of the program’s classes will be paid for by New Schools for New Orleans.

Fannie C. Williams’ charter is up for renewal this year.