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Algiers charter school group facing budget deficit

The Algiers Charter Schools Association expects to see a budget deficit of nearly $3 million this year due to investments in Common Core State Standards Initiative.

“ACSA is fortunate to have financial resources that allow us to invest in school programs even when revenues don’t meet expenses,” said Chief Financial Officer Charlie Mackles. “ACSA chose to make a significant investment this year to prepare for the rollout of the common-core standards. The financial forecast for future years is positive and is aligned with the organization’s long-term plans for continued academic growth and innovation.”

An increasing student body at the combined Landry-Walker High School site added to expenses in student services—things like occupational or speech therapists, or specialists to evaluate for gifted students. Those costs are expected to rise from $83,222 spent during the 2012-13 school year to $231,956 in the coming year.

The budget calls for an expected enrollment of 1,100 students at Landry-Walker this year.

An increased federal E-rate grant helped to offset some technology costs for the charter management organization this year, allowing for a 31 percent savings.

ACSA based its budget on an enrollment of 3,879 students, with 80 percent, or $33.8 million, of revenue expected from local and state per-pupil funding. The board reviewed the budget at a public meeting July 31.

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  • HalfFullClass

    $3 million deficit in the budget. That is down from the projected deficit of $4.4 million of last year. Using John White stats manipulation we can say ASCA has reduced their deficit spending by almost 50 percent. Are the schools required to present a balanced budget? Is anyone else concerned with all the schools that run deficits? Does a deficit mean the school spends next year’s money to pay the bills from last year? Ponzi?

  • nickelndime

    This just get worse and worse. If the feds don’t care, how can anyone expect anything from this corrupt state?! It’s been 8 years, 4gawdsake! Some individuals are making out like bandits. They should wear masks.

  • nickelndime

    Yes, Yes, No, Yes – Thanks, HalfFullClass!

  • dribble32

    These are the same people who claimed they were having financial issues and needed to lay off at least 12 of their central support staff. This apparently never happened. Claims have been made by Behrman Charter and OP Walker that ACSA have been taking funds from one school in order to allow the other schools to function. Where are the funds really going?