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As takeover nears, Crocker leaders tackle summer school and closing costs

Crocker Arts and Technology School leaders are preparing to step aside as they close down the school’s final school year.

With New Orleans College Prep gearing up to take over management of the school, Crocker principal Charmaine Robertson said during Saturday’s board meeting that the new managers will assume control on June 3, just days after the May 31 close of school.

NOCP will run the summer school program, which will continue to be held at the Crocker site at 2301 Marengo St.

Robertson said she suggested to NOCP founder and director Ben Kleban that new management employ two Crocker teachers in the summer school program in order to help with students’ transition.

As of March, six of 13 Crocker teachers had been invited to stay on at the new NOCP-run school.

Crocker has applied for a grant to help cover the legal and accounting expenses that arise during a school closing, Robertson said. She is awaiting word on whether the grant has been approved.

The grant is from New Schools For New Orleans. If received, it would help pay for Crocker’s final audit, as well as for the services of CPA Brendell Deemer, who will continue working with the school’s finances through December.

The board plans to host a ceremony to honor and thank founding members of the school. The event is scheduled to follow the May 25 board meeting.

Robertson said common spaces like the library, gymnasium and cafeteria will be dedicated with a plaque naming the space after someone instrumental in Crocker’s history.

Crocker’s annual student art show is scheduled for May 17 at 6 p.m. at the campus.

Saturday’s board meeting ran from 11 a.m. to 11:25 a.m.

The following members were present: Mary Ellen Alexander, Stephen Boyard, John Jones, and Shaun Rafferty, along with Robertson and Deemer.


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  • nickelndime

    Well, if this doesn’t beat all! Here we go again – federal grant money from New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO). Crocker – another failed charter school experiment! And yes, let’s recognize the founders for squandering public money and failing its students so miserably. Wasted years in young children’s lives. And now, where will the Crocker principal earn that 6-figure salary? Perhaps employment with the RSD has already been promised?! Since Ben Kleban is where he is today because he was fast-tracked through NSNO and deemed proficient to write/propose/open a new RSD charter school (another one with a 6-figure salary), perhaps NSNO should just write the check out to Ben. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a nice guy. They are all nice “guys.” But that’s not enough.