Gov. Bobby Jindal is in Washington, D.C., today to deliver a keynote address at a Brookings Institution event on education. According to Brookings, Jindal will offer “his reflections on education reform in his state and the nation in the context of school choice and competition.” He will speak at 12:50 p.m. CST.

Jindal will undoubtedly give a defense of the 2012 voucher law, approved by the state Legislature at his behest, that expanded Louisiana’s program to allow parents to use tax dollars to pay for private school tuition.

Jindal will also likely praise the state’s Recovery School District, which ranked first among more than 100 school districts nationally for its school choice offerings in the Brookings Institution’s Education Choice and Competition Index, which was released today. The release of the index is the purpose of the speaking event.

In a victory for teachers unions and local school boards, a state judge recently ruled, according to the Associated Press, “that the program improperly diverts money allocated through Louisiana’s public school funding formula to private schools. He also said it unconstitutionally diverts local tax dollars to private schools.”

I will live-blog Jindal’s speech here. The live-blog will be available here after the event has ended, too.

Tyler Bridges

Tyler Bridges covers Louisiana politics and public policy for The Lens. He returned to New Orleans in 2012 after spending the previous year as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, where he studied digital journalism....