Many of the students at Sophie B. Wright Charter School will have their first experience with Advanced Placement classes this fall as part of the school’s improved high school curriculum.

Principal Sharon Latten Clark announced the addition of four AP courses including literature, music theory, U.S. history, and world history at the June 27 board meeting.

The school will also add several electives this fall to give to give students a more well-rounded high school experience.

Clark said Sophie B. Wright is sending four teachers to AP training courses this summer to prepare for the new curriculum.

With improved school performance scores as well as the new OneApp school selection process making it somewhat easier to apply to the school, the enrollment for the 2012-2013 year increased from 470 to 539 students over last year.

The board will be focusing intently on fundraising efforts this fall to fill in gaps in state funding.

In preparation for meeting a July budget approval deadline, the board at Sophie B. Wright Charter hired a new finance director, Ernest Lumpkins.  Lumpkins will be charged with looking over the tentative budget and finding ways to make the best use of available funds.