The agenda for the New Beginnings May board meeting is reprinted below:

New Beginnings Schools Foundation Board

Board Meeting

Tuesday May 29, 2012

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

2045 Lakeshore Drive

CERM Building, Room 438


Welcome & Opening Remarks (1 minute)                                    Dr. Timothy Ryan, Chairman

Call for Quorum & Minutes (2 minutes)                                     Dr. Timothy Ryan, Chairman

Action Item: Vote to accept minutes of March 27, 2012


Chief Executive Officer Report                                                                         Dr. Vera Triplett

·       Performance Outcomes, Measurements & Accountability (15 minutes)

·       School Reports(Principals)

·       K readiness/completion initiative (Martin, Bradley, Wright)

·       SPS projections (Krisitne Barker)

·       CEA Agreement for insurance

·       OPSB Invoice for Nelson

·       Board Development & Engagement

Action Item: Vote to approve new board member

Interim Chief Operations Officer Report  (10 minutes)

Introduction                                                 Gilbert Bennett

·      School year close out (facilities/Technology)

·      2012-2013 enrollment projections

·      Summer programming

·      Summer professional development

·      Upcoming projects

·      Audit RFP Decision

Budget and Finance    (5minutes)

·       Presentation of latest financial reports                                     Kendal Turner

·       Presentation of 2012-2013 Budgets

Action Item: Approval of Budgets

Community Awareness & Visibility (5 minutes)                                    Pierre Principle

Old Business/New Business            (5 minutes)

Executive Session    (15 minutes)

Closing Remarks & Adjournment (2 minutes if time permits)                         Dr. Timothy Ryan, Chairman