The upcoming Mardi Gras Food Festival fundraiser was a focus of discussion at the Sophie B. Wright school board meeting on Jan. 26 (not Jan. 18, as previously scheduled).

In coming weeks, the school will prepare a rotating schedule of volunteers to march beside students in 12 different Carnival parades, from Feb. 11 through 20.

Food will be sold at parades and donations solicited, with proceeds to benefit the school. Parking will be available through the schoolyard’s Jena Street entrance. The menu includes gumbo, red beans and rice, fried fish, fried chicken, jambalaya, and hot dogs.

Last year’s effort yielded some $22,000 in food sales and donations; the goal this year is  $25,000.

Board members also discussed ways to convey the message that Wright is a community school.

In other news, Wright seniors are applying for college admission and scholarships. To enhance student records, the board discussed community service projects that might give Wright students a competitive edge. Members proposed exploring service opportunities over the next several weeks.

Wright’s budget committee reported that the school is on track to fulfill savings goals. In  coming months, phone service and Internet providers will be switched to achieve additional cost cuts.

The next board meeting will be March 21, at 5:30 P.M. in the first floor conference room. Last-minute scheduling changes, if any, will be posted on the school’s website.